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I won't miss it! Thread starter ben62 Start date Apr 7, Hi all, Just a quick question: In a story, two guys go a restaurant and when the bill comes, A realizes he's lost his wallet. B answers :" Don't worry about it.

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I won't miss it. My try : "T'en fais pas, c'est pour moi. For me B is saying, "It won't make any difference to me.

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But B is implying that A never has much money in his wallet anyway, so it doesn't make any difference whether he has his wallet with him or not. B won't "miss" his wallet because there's never anything in it. B will in any case end up paying for the meal, or most of it at least. Thanks, Seneca, that was really helpful!

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Hello, ben62! With CO 2 at parts per million, the next opportunity to cross into an ice age is about 50, years away in the models. That would make the present interglacial period longer than any in the last million years.

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That is, however, somewhat academic given our current massive-scale experiment with the climate system. To investigate more relevant scenarios, the researchers ran simulations of three futures: one in which we basically stop emitting CO 2 now, one in which we emit double what we have so far, and one where we triple it. In the low-emissions scenario, we skip any real ice sheet growth for at least 50, years.


Since people are often naturally curious about the future of the ice age cycle, the reality bears repeating: we broke it. Nature , DOI: You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content Enlarge. Scott K. Johnson Scott is an educator and recovering hydrogeologist who has been covering the geosciences for Ars since Email scott.

They Wont Be Missed They Wont Be Missed
They Wont Be Missed They Wont Be Missed
They Wont Be Missed They Wont Be Missed
They Wont Be Missed They Wont Be Missed
They Wont Be Missed They Wont Be Missed
They Wont Be Missed They Wont Be Missed
They Wont Be Missed They Wont Be Missed
They Wont Be Missed They Wont Be Missed

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