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The Beauty of Architectural Structures:

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Our process places you at the center of the project. High-performance homes are healthy, comfortable and energy efficient homes. Interrelated features such as indoor air quality, a mold free environment, indoor-outdoor communication, air tightness, natural light, thermal comfort and environmental stewardship are at the core of our design principles, not an afterthought.

This extremely durable and energy efficient steel-framed thermal envelope lays the groundwork for luxurious Net Zero Energy Ready Homes and a prestigious lifestyle. Leading the transition to sustainable construction.

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Unfortunately, these efficient geometries are often complex and expensive to build. They may require bespoke formworks that cannot be reused and must be discarded after construction.

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Current research explores innovations in digital fabrication that can offer solutions at full construction scale, for example through large-scale 3D-printing, 3D-knitted formworks, etc. Another research stream enables radically increased efficiency in the design-to-production pipeline through the development of computational tools, such as COMPAS , an open-source, Python-based framework for computational research in architecture and structures.

The Beauty of Architectural Structures : Elegance beyond Aesthetics

Using a tensioned cable net as falsework and tailored fabric as shuttering, this novel system was tested in a full-scale constructrion prototype built at ETH in ITA's Robotic Fabrication Laboratory in Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search. If the past decade can be viewed as a modern Arab Renaissance for the oil-rich nation of United Arab Emirates, then the Louvre Abu Dhabi is most certainly the centerpiece of this movement.

The ,square-foot structure, which was designed by Jean Nouvel, features a stainless-steel and aluminum dome that's been cut and layered to dazzling affect. When the intense Middle Eastern sun beats down on the dome, light beams come through in the form of star-shaped patterns.

Basic Structures of Architecture

It took eight years of construction for the stars to align in this building, which is the largest art museum in the Arabian Peninsula. Yet, it's the design of CopenHill, a structure in his hometown of Copenhagen, that displays the sheer genius of the young architect. At its core, CopenHill is proof that eco-friendly architecture can be accomplished with high design. To that end, the eco-friendly waste-to-energy power plant emits no toxins into the atmosphere.

Far from it. The structure can burn , tons of waste annually into enough clean energy to power 60, homes in the area. But it's not just about waste management—it's about having fun too. While Denmark receives a healthy amount of snow, the country is rather flat and not an ideal terrain for ski lovers. BIG took that fact and used it as an asset in its scheme.

Atop the CopenHill roof is a nearly 1,foot-long ski slope, which is accessible through an elevator inside the building. There are three paths for skiers: one for beginners, another for intermediates, and, finally, one for experts. The National Memorial for Peace and Justice is a name that, on the surface, would appear to console its visitors. Yet, rightfully so, the structure does anything but that. As visitors enter the memorial, patrons walk alongside dark red columns.

These columns include both the names of victims and the counties where these unthinkable events took place like when, in , Arthur St.

Eccentric Structures in Architecture

Clair, a Florida minister, was lynched for performing the wedding of a black man and white woman, or in , when Lacy Mitchell was lynched in Georgia for testifying against a white man accused of raping a black woman. As visitors slowly take in these names, the ground slowly slopes downward, while the columns remain at the same level, eventually hanging above the visitors in a manner that evokes the lynchings that occurred around the country.

From there, the museum opens up to a central space where visitors stand and look back upon all the hanging columns. The National Memorial for Peace and Justice is an educational, if not harrowing, experience for every visitor.

The secondary structure and architecture of human elastin.

What more can we ask from a structure meant to shed light on such a dark past? Much of architecture is about taking a big vision and localizing it at the community level.

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And perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in the Fass School and Teachers' Residence, an elementary school on the coast of Senegal. Designed by Toshiko Mori—the founder and principal of New York—based Toshiko Mori Architect—the circular structure was shaped by the history of the land.

The walls were then painted white, an important step that deflects the sun's rays. The school's rooftop is a combination of bamboo and grass, another element that keeps temperatures down in the classroom temperatures can regularly exceed degrees Fahrenheit in Fass. The school, which houses some students between the ages of 5 and 10, is the first in the area that teaches children to read and write in their native language, Pulaar, as well as in French. In other words, the Japanese-born architect successfully took a big vision and localized it in a meaningful way. If the public was hoping to see the billions of dollars of Western art the Qatari's had purchased in the past few decades, then it would seem the construction of a national museum in their country was a necessity.

What the public may have gotten though, in the form of a stunning new Jean Nouvel—designed building, might have been even better. The ,square-foot structure contains the many artifacts, stories, and images—from the discovery of oil to life by the Persian Gulf—that encompass the creation of modern-day Qatar a list of the wings include: The Formation of Qatar, Qatar's National Environments, and Qatar Today. Yet, many if not all national museums around the world, in some form, tout the history of their people from their beginnings to modern times.

What separates the National Museum of Qatar from any other museum, of course, is its revolutionary architecture. There are the facts about the building which are easy to rattle off: The exterior consists of disks, with 76, patterned cladding elements throughout; the interiors twist and turn, with the ceiling rising and dipping, constantly keeping visitors surprised through the eleven linked galleries.

That, however, is where any simple explanation ends. What made Nouvel's task of designing this museum so difficult is what was being asked of him—to create a building that, by shape and formation, would become the very embodiment of Qatari identity.

Structure and Architecture Structure and Architecture
Structure and Architecture Structure and Architecture
Structure and Architecture Structure and Architecture
Structure and Architecture Structure and Architecture
Structure and Architecture Structure and Architecture
Structure and Architecture Structure and Architecture
Structure and Architecture Structure and Architecture
Structure and Architecture Structure and Architecture

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