Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga

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It was a book called "It's a long way to Muckle Flugga" by W R Mitchell, first published in , that inspired this nonsense. Unless you live on the Shetland Islands, it is indeed 'a long way to Muckle Flugga'. But worth the trip. As for Tipperary itself, see R : Nearly home Looking for a postcode? Try this page.

Image Type about : cross grid. To get rid of them, the mermaid offered to marry whichever one would follow her to the North Pole. They both followed her and drowned, as neither could swim. Muckle Flugga Lighthouse is located on the island. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Retrieved 28 May Visit the replica Viking longhouse and longship at Haroldswick. Visit the Easting beach and see the remains of a real Viking longhouse.

Unst offers endless opportunities for a holiday but to get you started, read my blog about a walk to the most northerly point; Hermaness. You can read that here.

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A beginner's guide to Shetland: A few pointers in the right direction for those arriving. Delve a little deeper into the fascinating culture of the place I call home: Shetland. You will then find yourself on one of our minor, single-track roads with passing places. We have rules for these, which are unwritten, but strictly observed by islanders. Below is your handy guide to Passing Place Etiquette :. On meeting a car coming in the opposite direction: If there is an available passing place, or verge if necessary , pull over to allow other vehicle s to pass.

If the passing place is on your left, pull into it. Always give way to larger vehicles such as buses, trucks or farm machinery. When did etiquette ever make perfect sense? When passing, always give a wave of acknowledgement and thanks, or a toot on the horn. A few notes, or additional points to consider when driving in Shetland: Be aware of vehicles displaying car hire logos.

We expect this from self-drives. This is as much a reminder to locals and myself as anyone else because it can be frustrating when rushing to get somewhere only to come up behind a car going at 35 mph on a 60 stretch. And finally: Cyclists are a problem here too. I joke kinda.

It's a Long Way to Muckle Flugga

Please just be aware that we have a lot of cyclists on the roads and there are no dedicated cycle paths, other than a few around town and one leading into the village of Hoswick. I wrote a blog about cycling in Shetland that you can read here. I should also give you a little heads-up about roundabouts in Shetland, especially for our American visitors who have never encountered this quintessentially British intersection. Basically, on entering a roundabout, give priority to traffic approaching from your right. You will find these randomly situated throughout the isles, and lots of people living here are quite unaware of how to use them too!

Be prepared for lengthy stand-offs — the roundabout stare-off — as people unblinkingly gaze from one car to the other, wondering who dares to go first. So that's the roads covered.

60° North - A British Adventure on a Brompton.

Shetland remains true to its roots in many areas — despite the fact we all have iPhones, instant messenger and wifi. All small-talk begins with the weather, and the weather is the first thing that we ever talk about. We have weather here in abundance, and it can change in a millisecond — providing us with endless opportunities for small-talk. On a serious note: Be prepared for four seasons in one day.

It will surprise you — it still surprises me! So, pack wisely and layer up. I wrote a blog about what to wear in Shetland that can be found here. Another never never is — the Shetlands. This is a sure-fire way of getting off on the wrong foot, or most usually, corrected. Although, as mentioned, Shetlanders are a friendly bunch and will probably helpfully correct you with a smile of knowing sympathy at your error.

You will perhaps want to buy some of our locally made Fair Isle knitwear, and this can be picked up all over the isles from larger shops on Commercial Street to small community museum shops. Knitwear sold in the community museums is usually locally made by women at home; as has been done throughout the generations here. Knitwear has always been important to our economy — much more than tartan ever has.

Eat shellfish as above — our mussels are delicious and so versatile in terms of exciting flavour combinations and sheer yumminess, nom nom nom. Eat bannocks, a traditional flat-bread my favourites are from the Voe bakery and the Burra women have printed an amazing little recipe book. Eat Shetland lamb — delicate, salt-kissed flavours to melt in your mouth, a real flavour of Shetland with undertones of heather. Turriefields veg — unmissable!

It's a Long Way to Muckle Flugga by W.R. Mitchell

Drink Shetland Reel Gin. I love gin, and we have a big collection, but I do really rate the gin produced here as being up there with the best in artisan producers. So go on, eat that third course, take the aperitif, savour the nightcap. What more can I say? What do you want to hear about?

It's a Long Way to Muckle Flugga by W.R. Mitchell: Undiscovered Scotland Book Review

Get in touch, drop me a line on email. Head over and say hello on Instagram or leave a comment in the box at the bottom. Haunting words, written in memory of Karl Manson, offered as comfort to his mother following his untimely death. A hugely personal item which, once explored, tells a remarkable story of tragedy, coincidence and bravery. We are told that almost 10 million men were killed during the First World War; we are told that the average life expectancy of a man on the front line was a mere six weeks.

These shocking statistics alone are too great to comprehend. In order to begin to understand the human cost of the First World War it is easier to consider individual stories. Last week our local war memorial was vandalised with graffiti. It struck a chord deep inside me.

It pulled at every heart string imaginable. The memories of these brave men and boys should be respected, cherished and remembered. I feel privileged to have been allowed access to so many personal letters from servicemen during my time at the museum; windows into the lives of those who fought hard to ensure our freedom today. Many of these letters are all that remain of these brave young men; letters now age-worn and yellowed, creased and folded from being read, re-read before being carefully slipped back into an apron pocket.

The desecration of such a sacred place of remembrance has spurred me to revisit the story of Private Karl Manson from Lerwick. I hope that in publishing this again, it will make people stop, think and remember. Give a thought each time you pass a war memorial or war grave, and remember them.

Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga
Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga
Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga
Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga
Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga
Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga
Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga Its a Long Way to Muckle Flugga

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