Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky

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Barbara Brodsky & Aaron: Greeting Hatred with Lovingkindness, 11/22/2015

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Access your Spiritual Guidance and turn negative karma into spiritual gold! The daughter of renowned San Francisco Theosophist Joe Miller, Betty has continued her family's esoteric exploration by merging her artistic and spiritual gifts with her extensive education to create a unique and sincere service from her home in the hills of Yosemite. Bringing Harmony and Clarity to Life's Purpose.

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Rarely does a book come along that not only tells a compelling, captivating story, but will also inspire you to take a step of courage into the unknown and allow your soul to navigate your path. Theirs is a message of hope and growth, the ultimate purpose of which is to help us to make the shift, or transition, from third to fourth density. She's spent over twenty years in the Mass Communications field bringing people information that will help them lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Through her show Finding Meaning in the Mysterious on www. Although we may not always understand them, the Universe is constantly sending divine messages our way to help direct us in our lives.

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Self Improvement from SelfGrowth. You see the tree the wood once was, and all you can think is: here is this precious, amazing, lovely bit of earth on my bench. What a miracle. My eyes burned and my tongue tasted the tree that once was.

Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky
Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky
Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky
Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky
Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky
Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky
Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky
Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky
Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky

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