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US relations with Russia, Turkey and Iran: No détente in sight

For one, we know that the system of detention centers already built in Xinjiang is massive. We also know that detentions are arbitrary. Omir Bekali, a Kazakh Muslim who was one of the first to provide an on-the-record, named eyewitness account of the Xinjiang camps, told the Associated Press that the psychological stress he was forced to endure was so extreme, he wanted to kill himself after 20 days. Prominent Uyghur individuals have been detained, in addition to hundreds of thousands of innocent common people.

Ilham Tohti , the Uyghur writer and economics professor serving a life sentence in China on trumped-up separatism-related charges, is not included in this list. He was detained in Then, two factors have accompanied the Uyghur repression going dramatically into overdrive in the past couple of years. Since Chen was transferred to Party Secretary of Xinjiang in , he has applied the same techniques. Criminal arrests in Xinjiang — which do not even account for the hundreds of thousands of re-education camp detentions, which occur outside the legal system — have skyrocketed percent from to The ambition of the Belt and Road has greatly expanded in the past two years, just like the repression in Xinjiang.

The Belt and Road cannot succeed without stability in Xinjiang, the thinking goes, so the Party took extreme measures to ensure that stability. For years, the Party has avoided trying to justify its harsh measures in Xinjiang to an international audience, choosing instead to focus on the broad benefits of securitization and social stability programs. Official statements in recent weeks were at first more circumspect, but that appears to be changing.

Robert Barnett, a scholar of Tibet and Xinjiang, says that the inspiration for mass re-education in Xinjiang actually came from Tibet. We can only assume that since , with continued Uyghur terrorist attacks and unrest in Xinjiang, the Party has decided to go all-in on a mass assimilation policy in Xinjiang.

In short, the way that China is treating Uyghurs, and information about Uyghurs, shares many similarities with how China treats dissidents around the world and information unfavorable to the Communist Party broadly.

‘I felt like a slave:’ Inside China’s complex system of incarceration and control of minorities

There are a few aspects to this:. There have been reports for years that China was exerting pressure on Uyghurs abroad — see, for example, a SupChina roundup of a few stories in August A chill for Uyghurs sweeps across the Mediterranean. But the threat of re-education camps has recently become a primary method of blackmail.

The very fact that so many Uyghurs have been detained has pushed the entire Uyghur diaspora into a state of anxiety. Recent reports have indicated that the repression of Islam in Xinjiang is spreading to other parts of China, in particular neighboring Gansu.

Persecution of Falun Gong

Agence France-Presse reports :. The Communist Party has banned minors under 16 from religious activity or study in Linxia, worrying many of the local Hui people. Government adopt Magnitsky Act sanctions against those responsible for Xinjiang, starting with Xi Jinping. Multiple scholars and civil society representatives in July urged the U. I've been pretty surprised by how quiet the generally super outspoken China-watching academic community has been on this. I don't think self censorship is the only issue— perhaps it's also that we've all been conditioned to accept human rights abuses in China as normal.

Scholar Andrew Chubb has summarized the different arguments in a useful Twitter thread. Globe and Mail China correspondent Nathan Vanderklippe was detained a year ago when he reported on Xinjiang. Family relatives of four ethnic Uighur journalists, including three who are U. China declined visa renewal to a Buzzfeed reporter who did brilliant work on Xinjiang and surveillance tech, among many other important topics.

China Holds a Million Uighur Muslims in Camps, UN Told - The Atlantic

Lucas Niewenhuis is an associate editor at SupChina who helps curate daily news and produce the company's newsletter, app, and website content. He has studied Chinese language and culture in Shanghai and Beijing, and is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Chinese is the biggest lier of all time,one million was few month ago in detention innocent people now up to 3 million. World have to unite and act now against Chinese communst mashin. Thanks for the great summary. It is tragic to see China create its own Apartheid system demonstrating no understanding or tolerance of people with their own history, culture and aspirations. This is not the way to gain respect for the numerous successes of China and its Communist Party and its aspirations.

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Should African nations watch out for signs of a similarly misguided and heavy-handed treatment of their numerous ethnic and religious groups in the near future, after China has thrown the money at them in the way that the US and worst examples of imperial and corporate Capitalism do? Can money buy love and lasting friendships? A rare, good article from a chicom mouthpiece.

No offence Lucas but you might want to start looking for your next career. Humanity and tolerance need to be from both the sides. Muslims lack both and expect others to be tolerant to them. Muslim persecution is only going to increase and spread to many non-Muslim countries. I spoke with the head of a non-Chinese software company that has a year record of sales to Chinese universities and local and provincial governments. He said customers began informing him last year that they were required to switch to Chinese suppliers.

As an analysis in Variety pointed out, the rising popularity of streaming video on iPhones and other devices made the Apple sites important portholes for movies, documentaries, and other material from the outside world. But regardless of rationale, the effect was to damage Apple relative to its Chinese competitors notably a smartphone company called Xiaomi , much as the politically motivated crackdown on Google damaged it relative to its main Chinese rival, Baidu.

The effect has spread beyond technology. Every year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing surveys non-Chinese companies on the business climate within China. In the most recent survey, nearly half of the companies reported flat or falling revenues and toughening business conditions. The military.

This is the most publicized aspect of a changed attitude from China. China has land borders with more than a dozen countries, and is connected by the East and South China Seas to half a dozen more. Since then, both sides seem to have backed away from ship-to-ship confrontations on the high seas, but underlying disagreements remain.

I s it all Xi Jinping? It is convenient to link changes in Chinese policy to the shift in Chinese leadership, from the cautious, understated Hu Jintao to the flamboyant, personally dominant Xi Jinping. Rather than being based purely on personalities, these changes are most often traced to the messages—both emboldening and unsettling—that the Chinese leadership took from the world financial collapse of The financial crisis had started in America, after five years of a disastrous Middle Eastern war—and just as the China of the Beijing Olympics was seeming shiny and unstoppable in every way.

The paradoxical combination of insecurity and aggressiveness is hardly confined to China. The United States has all too many examples in its own politics. I came to understand that the graphic prominence of the U. Almost no one I spoke with recently, however, foresaw a realistic danger of a shooting war between China and the United States or any of its allies—including the frequently discussed scenario of an unintentional naval or aerial encounter in the South China Sea.

Through the past few years, in fact, U. Navy officer told me. That is: an impediment rather than an asset in many of the economic and strategic projects the United States would like to advance. An example of kleptocracy and personalized rule. A power that sometimes seems to define its interests by leaning toward whatever will be troublesome for the United States.

China Limits Waste. ‘Cardboard Grannies’ and Texas Recyclers Scramble.

An actual adversary, not just a difficult partner. China is challenging in many ways now, and increasingly repressive, but things could get worse. W hat is to be done? Its premise is that through the 2, years since the Peloponnesian warfare that Thucydides chronicled, rising powers like Athens then, or China now and incumbent powers like Sparta, or the United States have usually ended up in a fight to the death, mainly because each cannot help playing on the worst fears of the other.

No sane American leader would choose confrontation with China. The next president has no rational choice but to keep trying to make the best of this relationship.

Chinese Poem: "Thinking on a Quiet Night" 靜夜思 - Learn Chinese Now

The Chinese and U. Millions of people on each side, including my wife and me, enjoy, respect, and love people they have met and the encounters they have had in the other country. Because of bad air and suspect food, we were often sick while living in China, but the daily vividness of living there made us feel more fully alive.

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The United States will be less fully able to realize its national potential if it can no longer deal with China. But the terms of engagement may need to be changed.

Policy Toward China, made up of nearly two dozen academics and veterans of recent Republican and Democratic administrations. It plans to submit a report to the new president, examining the options if China really is going bad. But after talking with a range of China veterans, I think some views are widely shared and suggest the elements of the next China policy.

They include:. Choosing battles carefully. But for reasons of geography, history, and national psychology, they may be the wrong place for highly publicized efforts to draw the line. Michael Pillsbury, a longtime analyst of the Chinese military who is generally viewed as a hawk, has suggested one reason. Thus, what the U. Concerns for the moment, confidence in the long run. Obviously China is not the only country ever to have miscalculated in this way.

China and Globe Living and Thinking China and Globe Living and Thinking
China and Globe Living and Thinking China and Globe Living and Thinking
China and Globe Living and Thinking China and Globe Living and Thinking
China and Globe Living and Thinking China and Globe Living and Thinking
China and Globe Living and Thinking China and Globe Living and Thinking
China and Globe Living and Thinking China and Globe Living and Thinking
China and Globe Living and Thinking China and Globe Living and Thinking

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