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Also by Eddie Richardson

New arrivals. Add to Wishlist. Eddie Richardson is the last brand-name gangster. Say the name and the world of violent criminality grabs you by the throat. Eddie Richardson: former gangster and enforcer, convicted felon, successful artist and, now, motivational speaker - and the man who knows where the bodies are buried.

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The truth about the Torture Gang

This is where he met 'Mad' Frankie Fraser. Frankie had a fearful reputation as a henchman. According to Eddie, his reputation was unwarranted, and mainly owed to time Frankie served in Broadmoor, the high-security psychiatric hospital. When Frankie joined the Richardson Gang it was described by a rival as akin to 'China getting the atom bomb'. He was ruthless, and nobody was likely to cross the gang with Frankie there. He also played a key role in the acquisition of the Torture Gang nickname. It's hard to find out how the nickname officially started, but inevitably it was one poor soul who found themselves on the end of the depraved acts before word quickly got around.

Before he died, Charlie Richardson was desperate to make a film about his legacy.

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He succeeded. The film, 'Charlie', starred Luke Goss and was released in It tracked the trial of their brutal crimes as well as his dealings with a South African businessman. However, when Eddie is asked about the film, he becomes increasingly aggravated. Eddie: "That [the film] is nothing to do with me, that's my brother who made them fucking shitty ones. If I had been involved they would have been much better. Eddie: "The true story was he was a bigger fucking villain than me.

charlie the final word tortured Manual

Torturing fucking people; I never tortured people, it was him. Eddie: "Yeah, he had them for three days sometimes, people. Trying to control them, trying to make them work for him.

With tools and that. Eddie: "Well, he would humiliate them. A lot of things he done. I don't really want to go into it. According to London folklore, the gang carried out mock trials where an unfortunate individual would face questions based on their actions.

Circus of Tortured Melodies

Charlie would head these and once the trial was done the torture would begin. Typical forms of torture would involve whippings, having toes removed with bolt cutters, cigarette burns, electric shocks sometimes to the genitals , and having teeth pulled out with pliers. Frankie was particularly notorious with the latter , earning the nickname 'The Dentist'.

Once the depravity was finished, the victim was usually covered in so much blood that they needed a change of clothes. This part of the trial was wickedly given the nickname 'taking a shirt from Charlie'. Aside from the torture, Charlie was now getting wrapped up in the world of the long firm. He would set up companies and run them legitimately for months, and then place an order on credit for goods. Eventually the company would sell all the goods and disappear, while Charlie kept all the profits.

So he was giving them the fucking treatment if you like, and trying to control them. But they was like a trained load of monkeys. This period of the Richardsons' tenure would be cagey, with it all blowing up in a fight with some rivals on a night in Catford. They were at Smithy's, a club that was under the Richardsons' protection. So, we went on the dance floor, and I done him.

I really want to punch his head through the fucking floor boards, to be honest. But I'd been shot in the back, hadn't I? After he was shot, a brawl ensued and men were arrested. Eddie and Frankie were taken to Lewisham Hospital. Eddie first on the left on a night out in the s; Credit: Eddie Richardson. Eddie and the rest of the gang were arrested on the day of the World Cup final. Eddie got five years for affray due to the Catford incident, but then the Torture trial came up at the Old Bailey, and his sentence was extended by 10 years.

Charlie got 25 years, and Frankie got 10 years. From his spell in prison, which included time at a jail in Durham in the north east of England, Eddie has some great stories, ranging from the bizarre to the violent.

Judge: No torture in case of Detroit boy Charlie Bothuell V found in father's basement - CBS News

People lose a week and they cry their eyes out. In a woodwork class in jail, the prisoners were instructed to make some shelves. They instead chose to make two foot ladders and had a go at a break out.

I didn't lose remission for that because we managed to get through to the Daily Mirror," Eddie tells me. When Eddie was released from prison, he tried to go back into normal business, but the murky underworld tempted him to return. He was involved in a cannabis and cocaine importation gig, but it didn't work out.

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  6. However, that wasn't his original intention for his new lease of life.

    Charlie: The Final Word Tortured Charlie: The Final Word Tortured
    Charlie: The Final Word Tortured Charlie: The Final Word Tortured
    Charlie: The Final Word Tortured Charlie: The Final Word Tortured
    Charlie: The Final Word Tortured Charlie: The Final Word Tortured
    Charlie: The Final Word Tortured Charlie: The Final Word Tortured
    Charlie: The Final Word Tortured Charlie: The Final Word Tortured
    Charlie: The Final Word Tortured Charlie: The Final Word Tortured

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