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We should teach all of our children not to hit any human being except in self defense. Not hitting women is just a small part of that. I would not want my kids hitting or disrespecting heir future spouse, nor do I want them to allow themselves to be harmed or disrespected by their future spouse. Raise your kids to be good to their spouse and to expect that the spouse be good to them.

Poor girl You're an idiot. Women are being mistreated all over the world by fucking men and you say this is okay? Girls are never as physically strong as boys plus she didn't hit him with all her force. But that fucking scumbag hit her with all he had, he was obviously heavier so the damage is way bigger than just from her light weight slap.

Are you even normal to say that it sounded good? What if it was your daughter, sister, cousin??? She could have get her teeth knocked out you stupid cow. Would it still sound so good to you??? She was chasing after him, bullying him, antagonizing him, hitting him, provoking him, even when he told her to back off! HE did nothing wrong!

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Gillian Flynn on Gone Girl: 'People don't understand it's just fiction'

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What do you think? Char Char 1 month ago edited Female here - Nothing ever sounded better than his palm on her face. Viviane Katz 1 month ago I paused in the street when I thought a woman had hit a man. Daria B 1 month ago To broaden up the topic, a few years ago, here in Korea, there was a big issue in the news about a young man who got brutally sexually assaulted by a group of teenage girls, for the sake of pictures, selling porn and a few laughs. Daria B 1 month ago edited They weren't arrested, for what I know, because they were underage.

Shun 1 month ago edited Were they arrested? Daria B 1 month ago edited To Bilal. Bilal Ali 1 month ago Any links to that story? AnnieLaurie Burke 1 month ago Exactly! NikiBiki The Gamer 4 weeks ago Her offspring will be born with a birthmark on their cheeks lol. Parmeisan 1 month ago We should teach all of our children not to hit any human being except in self defense. Allison B. This comment has been deleted. Lucy Bionicle 1 month ago This comment is hidden. Dusan Milenkovic 1 month ago She got what she asked for Yes that slap sounded good. You want equality, she got it C 1 month ago she literally asked for it.

Hope 1 month ago Yup lol. Cat 1 month ago Spoiled brats undermine real victims' credibility. Absolute disgrace.

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    She's genuine Girl Scout royalty. Tennis powerhouse — and one-half of the tennis world's most talented pair of siblings — Williams is a Girl Scouts alum. At 12, she was inducted into the Girl Scouts — a fine addition to the organization, we have to say. As the youngest SAG nominee ever she was just eight , Fanning had a promising career from the get-go. This Hollywood legend was as passionate about her time in the Girl Scouts as she was about acting.

    I've been one for 70 years. I don't have to do anything about it. It is such a good program, and it helped me in my youth. Long before she wore two hair buns and a white frock to play the most famous princess in the galaxy, actress Fisher started out wearing a little green vest. Danner spent her formative years in Pennsylvania as a member of the Girl Scouts before getting into acting. Now she uses her celebrity platform to be vocal about environmental and healthcare issues. Singer, dancer, rapper, actress, model, comedienne, producer — this celeb's resume goes on and on.

    Having been nominated for and won countless accolades throughout her three-decade career so far!

    here She was a member of her local Girl Scout troop in California as a child years before becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild. The woman who went on to play one of the greatest superheroes of all time started out as a Girl Scout. This famous redhead well, dyed redhead made history as the first woman to run her own film production studio — perhaps she learned all those trailblazing skills while getting her badges in the Girl Scouts.

    Davis was a decorated Girl Scout during her childhood, which led her to become a Girl Scout leader when she got older despite her busy acting career. The soap opera queen All My Children is also an author and entrepreneur. In addition to being musically gifted, the famous singer chose to empower others through her work as the United Nations Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization. Prior to becoming a member of the band 10, Maniacs, Merchant was one of the millions of girls who have been members of the Girl Scouts of America.

    Having written numerous bestsellers, published a major magazine, and hosted two shows, Stewart is yet another powerful success story from the Girl Scouts of the USA. And the Girl Scouts have continued to be a driving motivation to inspire young women: in an interview, she once said, "Women in business and government have come a long way since I took the Girl Scout pledge, and maybe, to quote Dirty Dancing , nobody puts baby in a corner anymore — or calls us 'baby' for that matter.

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    • A Girl of the People A Girl of the People
      A Girl of the People A Girl of the People
      A Girl of the People A Girl of the People
      A Girl of the People A Girl of the People
      A Girl of the People A Girl of the People
      A Girl of the People A Girl of the People
      A Girl of the People A Girl of the People
      A Girl of the People A Girl of the People
      A Girl of the People

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