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You can also shop annual consignment sales as well. These typically have lower prices than stores. Find a consignment sale happening near you. In addition to finding bargain book deals at your local stores, it also helps to know where to find them online. People who are readers universally love other readers.

So create your own little book drive with a call-out on social media.

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Be as specific as possible and be sure to emphasize they should be gently used books. You could even hold a book drive with a group of teachers or your entire school. Then you can sort them as a group and distribute evenly. Periodically Scholastic Book Fairs hosts warehouse sales.

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This is a great way to purchase books and activity sets for your classroom library at up to 80 percent off the published price. Some locations even offer a build-a-box option! To find a warehouse sale in your state, just enter your zip code. You can also shop the online Scholastic Teacher Store.

Occasionally they offer free shipping days to make it even more affordable. The Scholastic Reading Program is a fabulous source for acquiring books for your classroom. When parents purchase books through your classroom catalogue, you earn bonus points to spend on books for your class library. The more parents order, the more free books you receive. There are options for all parent budgets. We also found this blog post that has some fabulous ideas for boosting parent purchases! If you would rather have the free books for your classroom library come to you instead of hunting for them, check out BookBub.

This is a free daily email that notifies you about limited-time, free and discounted bestselling e-book titles in genres you choose. Half Price Books donates books to classrooms and school libraries. Half Price Books also offers a percent-off educator discount to help you save on books throughout the year. Public libraries receive book donations on a regular basis. Most of these titles do not actually land on library shelves but instead are saved for book sales. The majority of these sales are sponsored by Friends of the Library volunteer groups. These sales are a win-win since your money goes back to supporting public library programs.

Call your local library to find out when they will hold their next sale. You can also check Book Sale Finder to find sales in your state. The prices vary, but usually you can negotiate and purchase them very inexpensively.

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Your best bet is to search for neighborhood-wide garage sales so you can visit a large number in the same area. Grab some teacher friends and make a fun morning out of it! You can post a sign-up sheet during open house times and parent-teacher conferences. If parents know that donating books to the classroom is an option, they may choose your classroom over donating book they no longer want to a resale shop.

Put a sticker inside donated books. Kids will love when their donated book is being enjoyed by their friends.

Ask organization like the national honor society or others if they want to hold a book drive for your class or school. Students can bring in a book or two that they enjoyed in the previous grade. New research suggests that those walking first thing in the morning also make better decisions during the day, so consider swapping your morning commute for a robust walk.

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Trees produce phytoncides which help to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and boost immunity. The microbes in forest soil have been found to reduce depression and may contribute to the health of our microbiome. A minute walk is all it takes to reap the benefits, but researchers have found that a weekend in the woods improves immunity for up to a month, while a short afternoon run or walk somewhere green means better sleep at night. Our bodies have adapted to go without food for short periods — the surprise has been discovering how beneficial this is for many of us. There are several forms of fasting and it is important to find one that suits your lifestyle.

We like the extended overnight fast of hours, which has been found to improve gut health, but was also followed by our distant forebears, who typically ate supper at sundown, rarely snacked, and then ate mid-morning the following day. Experts believe resistance training is as important for ageing as aerobic exercise, eating vegetables and sleeping well. Recent research found that older adults who did twice-weekly strength training lived longer and with less illness than those who did none.

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We like rowing and weight-training for efficiency; we also keep pairs of weights near the kettle and the TV and lift them if we have a few minutes to spare. Although reading is sedentary and solitary, frequent reading has been linked to longer, healthier life. A Yale study of 3, overs found that reading increased longevity by almost two years; readers of books outlived readers of newspapers and magazines. While those who read for more than 3. Meanwhile, every expert seems to recommend reading as a means of getting to sleep. While many of us dream of a golden age of retirement, a study found that people who worked longer lived longer, a fact reflected in earlier longitudinal studies that found correlations between retirement and poor health.

Researchers speculate that this is because working usually involves social interaction, movement and a sense of purpose. Several studies have linked retirement with loneliness and depression. But working long hours year after year is not the answer either. Research shows that from mid-life onwards, the sweet spot for health and longevity is working at a less intense pace and perhaps for fewer hours.

Old brains are just as equipped to build new neurons and synapses as young ones. But this process works best when we repeatedly force ourselves to learn new things. The brain loves novelty: crafts, games, even cooking from a new recipe, all trigger the creation of neurons, but the more complex and more difficult the new activity is, the greater the rewards. Choose something that also involves social interaction and a bit of movement, such as singing.

Best of all, try learning complex new dance moves. Several studies have found that nappers have better attention and focus, better memory and better non-verbal reasoning. But the key is to keep the nap short about 30 minutes. Studies consistently show that naps of more than 90 minutes can be detrimental to our health. Ask your doctor for alternative medication, particularly if you are taking several pills containing anticholinergics. Study after study has found that supplements have very little benefit; we invest in good food instead. However, when it comes to vitamin D and zinc, the data is robust: vitamin D — in the right dosage — can help us age well while zinc has been shown to reduce the severity of coughs and colds.

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Pollution is rapidly becoming the biggest threat to our ability to age well, with more and more research linking particulate matter to lung cancer, heart disease, dementia, hypertension and diabetes. It is vital that we are vociferous in lobbying for cleaner air and that we play our part in reducing our own personal pollution footprints.

But we can lessen the damage of living in heavily polluted cities. Avoid congested roads, switch to an anti-inflammatory diet shown to mitigate the effects of pollution in some people , invest in a good quality air purifier and rotate it round your house, and fill your house with pollution-fighting greenery.

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Olive oil consumption has also been linked to a slowing of the progression of breast cancer, reduced bone mass loss and better blood glucose control.

70 Ways You Can Find Books Online 70 Ways You Can Find Books Online
70 Ways You Can Find Books Online 70 Ways You Can Find Books Online
70 Ways You Can Find Books Online 70 Ways You Can Find Books Online
70 Ways You Can Find Books Online 70 Ways You Can Find Books Online
70 Ways You Can Find Books Online 70 Ways You Can Find Books Online
70 Ways You Can Find Books Online 70 Ways You Can Find Books Online
70 Ways You Can Find Books Online 70 Ways You Can Find Books Online
70 Ways You Can Find Books Online 70 Ways You Can Find Books Online

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